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Sick Leave Bank

The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to help supplement pay benefits to members of the Bank for qualified, incapacitating, catastrophic personal illness during regularly scheduled duty days, after all accumulated sick leave has been exhausted.

All Unit IV employees on active duty with AACPS are eligible to contribute to the Sick Leave Bank. Contributors shall be permitted to apply for the use of the bank for salary payment to cover periods of catastrophic personal illness of the employee during the regularly scheduled duty days, after regular sick leave has been exhausted.

Contributions shall be made between July 1 and September 30. Employees returning from extended leave of absence, reassigned employees and new employees may contribute within 60 school days upon reassignment or employment. Refer to Article 9.6 of the Negotiated Agreement, as well as the documents below:


Sick Leave Bank Special Instructions, Checklist & Rules

Sick Leave Bank Application

Sick Leave Request form 2021

Physician Statement 2021

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